Who are we ?

Created in 1998 close to Valenciennes on the initiative of the main players in the sector, the Railway Testing Centre (CEF) was originally conceived for the development of rolling stock and urban transport automation systems. It has since diversified according to the the needs of customers, and has enriched itself with a new establishment near Bar-le-Duc.

Now it allows manufacturers, operators or test organisms to benefit from optimum conditions for their testing or maintenance activities, whatever the type of equipment, from urban to conventional.

It allows moreover many opportunities to test infrastructure equipment, track or catenary.

Some keys dates

2000 Inauguration and start-up of the Petite-Forêt Railway Testing Centre (CEF1)

2008 Installation of tracks to test the metros on tires

2010 Construction of a weighing track and a twist track. Creation of the testing Laboratory

2012 Integration of a new testing centre (CEF2) in the Meuse, near Bar-le-Duc, to test conventional rolling stock

2014 Inauguration of a new test track for VAL-type vehicles

2016 Signature of a partnership with ALSTOM for the commercialization of tests on the La Rochelle site (climatic/acoustic chamber, test tracks)

2017 Creation of a dedicated base for shunt tests on CEF2


Legal structure

The Railway Testing Centre is a limited liability company with a capital of 240 000€, which is headquarters is located at rue Fresnel, BP9, 59494 PETITE-FORÊT.

The majority shareholder is ALSTOM Transport. The others are BOMBARDIER Transport France and the CERTIFER Railway Certification Agency.

The president is Mr. Pierre FLEURY and the General Manager is Mr. Emmanuel CHOUFFIER.