Our activities

The Railway Testing Centre (CEF) is a unique tool in France dedicated to leasing its infrastructures and services for testing, maintenance and training activities.

It allows, among other services, railway manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, operators, infrastructure managers, test laboratories or researchers to :

  • carry out their tests on dedicated infrastructures, without the constraints inherent in commercially exploited networks
  • benefit from appropriate logistical facilities and high level technical support
  • have facilities that can be configured according to their needs

The CEF has more than 20km of dynamic test tracks, specially designed for the development of rolling stock and railway systems, from urban to conventional, and which can also be used to test infrastructure elements (components of track or catenary).

It consists of two test platforms :

  • the CEF1 (close to Valenciennes),
  • the CEF2 (close to Bar-le-Duc),

and a testing laboratory.